New Providence High School Seniors Support Brooke Healey Foundation

New Providence High School seniors Jon Lee, Caleb Forbes, Will Gao, Jon Kubas, Matt Misiukiewicz, and Ethan Neidich recently donated their time and expertise to help The Brooke Healey Foundation prepare for their largest fundraiser, the 5th annual Casino Night.

Using the skills learned in classes such as Principles of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Introduction to Engineering and Design, these students designed numbered paddles to be used during the event’s “Paddle Raise”.  The paddles were created using the district’s laser cutter and engraver, which was purchased using an NPEF grant in 2017.   The laser cutter and engraver has become a vital tool that students use to produce high quality engravings and tailored cutouts for various projects in school.  

This service learning opportunity was coordinated by Engineering teacher and Technology Specialist, Mr. James McGeechan, who states “It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to apply design principles acquired in class and provide a service for such a worthy cause. The kids worked hard and volunteered their time during their professional period. A special thanks to the NPEF for providing us with the grant to acquire the laser cutter/engraver which is now used by many students for in-class projects as well as extracurricular competitions”.

The “Paddle Raise” appeal at Casino Night, held March 8th, 2019, ultimately raised $112,000 for the Brooke Healey Foundation, which was created to build awareness and raise funds for research, to help families dealing with pediatric cancers, and to foster community relationships.