NPHS Creative Cinema Showcase 2020

    FESTIVAL DATE: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
          NPHS Media Center
          35 Pioneer Drive
          New Providence, NJ 07974
    The NPHS Student Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing films of students currently enrolled at New Providence High School. The festival offers an entire night of films, celebrity judges, Q&A's, music, and networking with industry professionals. This promises to be a truly special event you will not want to miss! Refreshments will be available.
    (Please read all Submission Guidelines listed below before submitting)

    1. Create your film.
    2. Edit and Export your film to Size: HD 720p.    
    3. Upload your film to youtube.com
    4. Send the link for your film as well as the following information to: pcook@npsdnj.org or cduke@npsdnj.org


    Information that must be included in the email:
    Name (Last, First)
    Birthday (MM,DD,YY)
    Current grade level
    Email/contact information
    Running time of film (minutes and seconds)
    Date of completion
    Brief summary of your film
    • All films must be submitted by:  TBD
    • All content must be created by a student currently enrolled in high school or completed while enrolled in high school. No industry professionals or faculty can play a major role (i.e. producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor) although they can have an advisory role. The overall film must be considered a student production.
    • Filmmaking is collaborative art and students are encouraged to work with friends and classmates in the creation of their films, but in terms of adjudication and any potential awards and/or prizes, all entries will be considered individual projects, created by an individual student filmmaker.
    • All films must be in English or subtitled/dubbed in English.
    • Entries with incomplete submission information may be disqualified.
    • The maximum length of a film is 10 minutes.
    • All copyrighted material must be properly licensed. All materials (images, music, etc.) must be original work, work used with the copyright holder’s permission, or work that is in the public domain. Films that violate the copyright law cannot be shown publicly in the festival.
    Please Note:
    The judges encourage filmmakers to explore the human experience in all of its dimensions. However, our judging panel may exclude films that do not uphold the values generally shared by our school district or the New Providence community audience. For example, our judging panel will likely exclude films with that do not uphold the values generally of the School District and the New Providence community audience. For example, our judging panel will likely exclude films with unjustified obscenity, gratuitous violence, or whose subjects are in poor taste or risqué. Content matters.
    All films will be judged by a panel of judges including: Award Winning industry professionals and NPHS Faculty. The judges will evaluate the films based on the following:

    Originality/ Creativity of Story
    Production Value (i.e. quality of lighting, sound, camera work, editing)
    Quality of Acting


    For additional information about the Showcase, contact Mr. Duke or Mr. Cook.