• Name: Mr. James A. Bullaro 
    Homeroom: E-2
    Phone: 908-464-4707  VM 5027
    Subject(s): 5th Grade Science
    Contact me: jbullaro@npsdnj.org
    Welcome Back To Science Class!

     All daily work and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  Please check Google Classroom on your student's school issued device.    

    Always be respectful of each other 
    Strive to be organized
    Exhibit self-discipline
    Ask for help
    Be flexible, patient and kind!
    Grade Category Weights 
    Classwork/Homework Combo 50%
    Test/Projects/Quiz Combo 50%
    Problem solve + Responsibility + Self-discipline = Best Reward-THE SATISFACTION OF A JOB WELL DONE!