• Disabilities Awareness Month
    Math1Fifth graders at Salt Brook school recently completed a performance task as part of Disabilities Awareness Month.  Students were "participants" in the Buddy Walk raising money for Down syndrome.  They "walked" a simulated predetermined route from Town Hall in New Providence to Independence Hall in Philadelphia and had to complete a variety of mathematical computations along the way. These included finding the distance  from New Providence to Philadelphia, measuring the length of their step in inches and using this information to calculate the approximate number of steps in 1 mile,
    estimating the number of footsteps between the two locations, and a variety of calculations to enable them to estimate the amount of time it would take to walk the given distance.
    Math2Students then had to calculate the amount of money they raised from their donor list and contributions per mile.  This challenging task provided an opportunity for students to use estimation as a practical strategy for solving a problem where obtaining the exact answer may be impractical.  However, the students did find the actual number of footsteps and compared them to their estimation at the same time as raising money for Down Syndrome.
Last Modified on October 28, 2011