•  Reader"s Workshop Makes Great Strides 
    ReadersThe introduction of the Reader"s Workshop program at both elementary schools has been greeted enthusiastically by students and teachers alike, and has quickly become one of the students" favorite parts of the day.
    According to the program description Reader"s Workshop includes "peer conferences and teacher conferences with students but emphasizes students" independence and allows them to become successful readers outside of the classroom."
    As AWR 6th grade teacher Elaine Berman states
    "The incorporation of the Reader"s Workshop into our Reading program has resulted in some fantastic changes at AWR. The Workshop model allows time for students to read, write, talk and think about reading. Teachers teach mini-lessons, observe student progress, take notes and confer with students individually. Because students often choose what they read, they develop ownership of their learning. As they begin to use newly taught strategies that enhance their skills, they are able to access more understanding from a greater variety of materials, increasing their confidence and success."
Last Modified on March 7, 2012