• Pilot Program Shows how iPads Can be Used in the Classroom
    As part of the district"s on-going commitment to educational excellence we are presently in the middle of two iPad pilot groups. The pilots are designed to evaluate mobile tablet technology, it"s integration into our instructional model, and the resulting student engagement and achievement.

    The first iPad Pilot, started at the beginning of the school year, collected ideas and evaluated the variety of different ways iPads could be used in the classroom.

    The second iPad (1:1) Pilot places 25 iPads in the hands of students in one class for a two-week period. As part of the pilot the classroom teacher designs and teaches one class with iPads and teaches a similar class with the existing classroom equipment. The pilot has been used so far in Japanese and Physiology classes in the High School and Science and Language Arts classes in the Middle School.

    Through observation, teacher analysis, and student results, the pilot is looking to assess levels of student engagement as well as the degree of content acquisition, content creation, and the ability to utilize 21st Century Skills.
Last Modified on March 13, 2012