• New Providence Students Donate Gift Money to Pennies for Peace

    penniesFor the third year in a row, during February and March, students in all the schools of the New Providence School District are raising money to donate to the Central Asia Institute through the Pennies for Peace program. During the month of January, two students, an AWR fourth grader, and a Salt Brook third grader, each made generous donations of gift money to help educate Afghani and Pakistani children in the remote mountain villages of central Asia .

    The mother of the AWR fourth grader reports “Our family haslived overseas on and off formore than half of (my daughter"s) life.This past summer, we returned to New Providence after spending three years in Tokyo. Our time in Asia afforded us ample opportunity to travel,so both kids have seen children who grow up inpretty dire situations. One of the things that as parents we tried to instill in our kids at an early age is that even though they are young, they can still help the world. Pennies for Peace is just such an amazingprogram, and since the timing of the drive here in New Providence coincided with (my daughter"s) birthday, we thought it would be great to ask if her friends would bring their pennies instead of gifts. It was wonderful that everyone was excited to participate, and together, we raised more than $190.00 to bring into Mrs. Limone"s class at Allen W. Roberts School.”

    The Salt Brook third grade student relates that “Mrs. Petronella, my teacher, read to us from the youth version of Greg Mortensons"s book, Three Cups of Tea. I was excited about it since it"s my mom"s favorite book and I had read it once before. When I heard about the children and what their lives were like, wanted to do something to help. This Christmas I had been given some money from my relatives. I remembered that it would only take $1 a month to send a student to school. So I thought about how many kids could go to school with my Christmas money. I think about 12 kids could go to school for a whole year. I can"t imagine not being able to go to school and I think these kids will like going to school and will grow up to be great people because of what they learn.” The student donated $150.00 of his gift money to the New Providence Pennies for Peace campaign.

    The New Providence Memorial Library, and a number of businesses in town, are also collection sites so all New Providence residents will have an opportunity to participate in the campaign. Checks may be made out to: NPHS Student Activities Fund with a memo line for Pennies for Peace. They may be mailed directly to New Providence High School, 35 Pioneer Drive, New Providence, NJ 07974, attention: Judy Gallagher, NPHS Librarian.

    For more information on Pennies for Peace, visit penniesforpeace.org
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Last Modified on February 17, 2011