• Student Attendance Information

    Please use the attendance reporting form linked below to report your child's absences.  Parents are required to report absences and tardiness of students as they occur.  If you have any questions regarding attendance, please call (908) 464-4700.  The HS attendance secretary can be reached at ext. 1621.

    Attendance Matters


     Attendance Matters, Pre K-12 Reporting Absence Form


    District and State of New Jersey Attendance Policy

    Regular attendance is essential to the successful completion of the course of study. Students are expected to be present on every day that school is in session, except as their attendance may be excused in accordance with Board of Education policy.

    Students in courses other than those assigned 2.5 or 5 credits will be advised by the subject area teacher of the number of absences which will result in the loss of credit. In all instances of absence from class, the student is responsible for making up the missed work.

    Non-Cumulative Absences

    Absences for school approved activities such as field trips, athletics, Student Council meetings, instrumental music class and scheduled counseling appointments shall not be counted toward the loss of course credit. Special consideration will be given to absences resulting from long term (5 or more consecutive days) or chronic illness for which a doctor's note is presented. Also death in the immediate family and religious holidays as prescribed by the State Department of Education will not count toward cumulative absences.

    Cumulative Absences

    All other classroom absences, except those as described above, are considered cumulative and count toward the denial of course credit.

    Attendance Warning Notices

    Parents will receive automated files from NPHS@npsdnj.org on a weekly basis indicating their child’s absences from their classes.

    Loss of credit will occur on each of the following absences depending on the course:

    Full Year Course

    Semester Course

    Physical Education

    Health Education

    Honors Science

    22nd absence

    11th absence

    16th absence

    8th absence

    26th  pd absence

    REMINDER: 3 tardies to one class equals one cumulative absence

    1. Any lateness to class of less than 10 minutes is considered a partial absence and three (3) such partial absences constitute one full cumulative absence and count toward the loss of course credit unless certified as non-cumulative.
Last Modified on August 31, 2021