• General Supplies

    With the implementation of the 1:1 iPad Initiative, students use the iPad and Google Classroom for note-taking, organization, agendas, reminders, etc. However, the supplies listed below are suggested:

    For your convenience, the MS PTO has arranged for supplies to be ordered at www.schooltoolbox.com and shipped directly to your home free of charge.  Boxes placed now will arrive before school begins, so don't delay!  

    7th and 8th Grade:

    • Headphones or earbuds for use with the i-Pad
    • Stylus for the i-Pad. (Example)
    • 1"-2" Binder for organization of all classes
    • Folder
    • Spiral Notebook
    • 4x4 Graph Paper
    • Ruler/Hole Punch combo for binder
    • Pencils and erasers
    • Personal mini whiteboard with markers/eraser
    • Post-Its
    • Highlighters
    • Different colored pens for corrective writing
    • Calculator- Basic Scientific for 7th Grade and TI-83 for 8th Grade and above
    Additional supplies for 8th Grade only:
    • Prang watercolor set
    • Prang colored pencil set
    • 12 pack sharpie markers

    Teachers will inform students of any additional needs unique to their class in the first few weeks of school. 


    A normal 4 function calculator will be required for the regular 7th-grade math program.

    However, as students move through middle school and enter high school it is likely that they will need a scientific calculator such as the Texas Instruments T1 83 or Ti 84 Plus CE model.