• New Providence School District Mental Health Services

     School Counseling:

    • Individual conferences/counseling
    • Social-emotional counseling
    • Study Skills and strategies
    • Academic decision-making/advisement
    • Classroom lessons (decision-making skills, anti-bullying, resiliency, coping skills, etc.)
    • Character education
    • Referrals to other professional services 

    Student Assistance Program (click here for more information):

    • Peer and Social Problems
    • Drug and Alcohol Problems
    • Eating Disorders
    • Anxiety and Mood Disorders
    • Grief and Loss
    • Family Transitions
    • Depression and Suicide Prevention
    • Self-Injury
    • Emotion Management
    • Stress Management 

    Special Services:

    • Identification of learning disabilities
    • Assessment of behavioral/emotional needs
    • Individual counseling
    • Group-based skill development
    • Crisis assessment and intervention
    • Development of behavioral plans and strategies
    • Development of individual education plans