• Our riddle that I shared on Zoom:  What month has 28 days?

    Hint: The answer is NOT February.  Send me your response on SeeSaw or be ready to share next time we chat.


    Parents: I am trying hard not to overload you with emails.  I will, however, have to send a zoom invitation each time with a unique password so please look for one before each session.  This is new.  Also, I apologize- our scheduled slot is supposed to by 9:30-10:00 and I sent the email for today for 9-9:30. Moving forward I will go back to our assigned slots, so look for that next time.  Thanks, as always, for your patience.   

     Click here for the Week at a Glance 4/6-4/9. Our new Writing Menu #3 is available as well.  After break we will dive into a persuasive writing unit, so stay tuned!