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    Name: LeAnn Tavtigian
                        AP Economics
                        CP Economics
                        Online Financial Literacy
    Contact me:  ltavtigian@npsdnj.org, voicemail ext. 5155
    The best way to reach me is always email.  I will tryto respond within one to two school days, except for holidays and vacation.
    Hi!  Welcome to Mrs. T's various classes. 
    For course specific information, please click on the specific course listed in the left hand column.  This will take you to individual class pages.
                         P 1 Online Financial Literacy Prep - probably in teacher's work room
                         P 2 Prep                                  Teachers' Work Room
                      P 3  AP Economics              Rm 517 
                      P 4 Hall duty                      500 wing
                      P 5 AP Economics               Rm 526
                      P 6 CP Econ                       Rm 526 
                      Professional Period A          Rm 526
                      P 7  Hall duty A & B days    500 wing
                      P 8 CP Econ                       Rm 526 
    Classroom Rules:
       1.   Be prepared for class EVERY day.
       2.    Do your own work.
       3.   Work diligently throughout class.
       4.   Respect your fellow students and the teacher.
       6.   If you don't know, ask. 
    If I say  "KHFOOTY", it mean keep hand, feet and other objects TO YOURSELF and counts as a first warning.
    1st offense:     Warning
    2nd offense:   10 minutes of quality time with me in 526 at 7:30 AM
    3rd offense:   20 minutes of quality time with me in 526 at 7:20 AM
    4th offense:    Contact parents 
    Repeat or major offenses: any and all of above and / or referral to administration


    For all my courses, there will be approximately two tests, two quizzes, a project and multiple homework / classwork assignments per quarter.  Everything is graded on accuracy and total points.


     Extra Help:
     Professional Period A in 526, after school in room 526 2:46- 3:55 and before school 7:35 to 7:44 room 526 (best to email first because I'm not in that room in the morning).