• Chemistry
    This page is no longer be ing updated. Please see my new webpage.
    Name: Ilze Kancans
    Room 513
    Period 1 - Chemistry  
    Period 2-  Conceptual Chemistry 
    Period 5 - Chemistry 
    Period 6 - Honors Chemistry 
    Period 7 - Honors Chemistry Lab
    Period 6 - Chemistry
    Contact me: ikancans@npsdnj.org 
                       908-464-8556 x 5085
    Welcome to Chemistry!
    Chemistry is a most fabulous, challenging, and fun subject! EVERYTHING in the Universe is impacted by Chemistry, and we will discover the keys to understanding why. All of the materials and resources you will need for this class will be found in Google Classroom. You should bring the following things to every class:
    1. Fully charged i-Pad
    2. Folder with three prongs and pockets or an 1/2" 3-ring binder. You will be creating a personal Chemistry handbook in this folder or binder. Bring it to class every day.
    3. Notebook (for Do Now! assignments, to use if your i-Pad is not working, for scratch paper.)
    4. Scientific calculator
    5. Pens and pencils


    If you need to bring any additional items for laboratory experiments and/or projects I will let you know well in advance.