• Due to the Corona Virus Salt Brook is closed.  On line learning will begin on Tuesday, 3/17!

    Please come daily for the schedule.

    Keep in mind that students do not work every minute of school.  Be sure to take breaks and make an agenda with your famil that will work!


    Please look on my web page daily for updates!


    First of all you can stop by the school on Monday, 3/16 from 8-12 to pick up anything that yoru child may still need.  


    Independent work packets will be available.  Work should be done for about 15 minutes a day in the packets.  Once the packets are finished I cannot replenish the packets until school is open but you can let me know and I will assign other activites that can be done online.

    There is a math packet with work mats/markers (third graders).  First and second graders have counters and work mats.  Please take good care of the pens!

    One new spelling packet has been sent home.  This packet should be started on 3/23 if school is still closed.

    Review Project Read materials have been sent home.  

    Again these packets should be worked on for no more than 15 minutes a day!

      Health books  and Social Studies Books.  There will be a once a week a Health and a Social Studies assignment.  We read the unit, discuss and view a video.  Video links will be available on my website.


     Math assignments will be posted daily and students should log into Think Central to watch the videos to practice.  

    Please only do one lesson a day.  I will give specific instructions as to which problems we are working on and which ones can be skipped. 


    If you do not have passwords please email me: ghermann@npsdnj.org

     If you have any problems or questions on how to access the information or how to solve a problem please email me!