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    Wow!! We did it!  We made it to the last week of School.  Everyone should be proud of what we accomplished this trimester.  I will be creating a summer page so check back on a rainy day for some fun ideas or links.  Just to let you know, I believe our Padlet pages are only available until June 15th. Please read my Art Newsletter if you haven't yet.  Have a safe and happy summer!!...  and don't forget to visit my Summer Fun page for fun art activities on a rainy day or any day. 
    New News 1.  Note to all: The library drop off for the art project is extended to all this week.  We need your help to make this a wonderful exhibit.  An email was sent home about the Project we did recently for "I look forward to" or "My favorite thing to do  at home is".  The library wanted artwork for a display for when it reopens.  Please consider putting you project in the exhibition.  Add a sentence to the picture; either "I look forward to _____" or "My favorite thing at home is____" depending on what was drawn and drop it off at the library in the drop box outside.  Name and Class on the back please.  Take a photo for yourself as these will not be handed back. 
    New News 2. Week 12...Wow can you believe it?  You're almost done.  You nearly made it.  The home stretch is here.  Although school will be out soon, I hope you never stop learning and creating.  There is a cool art opportunity I want to share with Salt Brook families.  It's called the Ickabog Illustration Competition.  Enter for the chance to have your child’s artwork published in the new book by J.K. Rowling! See the information here.  We only have this week and next to get some more art up on your Padlet Pages.  I believe the Padlet pages will be available until June 15th.  Head over to your grade level page to see what's planned for this weeks art project.  
    **Attention Please read this announcement asap for a community project going on.  I'm sharing it not running it so for any questions please refer to this Press Release.  If that doesn't open try this version.
    Students and Parents:  If you or your child are not comfortable posting to Padlet for any reason, such as the way a project turned out or for any other reason, you can email me the picture so I can consider it complete.  Artists do many sketches or paintings before they create a masterpiece; and remember most of the time, we can turn mistakes into masterpieces.  You can even post to Padlet and say "this didn't turn out as planned" or "I tried".  Trying is all I ask.  Again, email me if you are not comfortable for some reason.
    Week 11...Memorial Day week.  Hang in there we are still in school and still learning and creating.  Don't give up now.  We are almost done.  
    Week 10... We are in the home stretch of this school year.  Let's make the best of the next few weeks and pat yourselves on the back for doing your best.  Hang in there and continue your best.  You can do it!  Head over to your grade level page for this week's projects/assignments. 
    Week 8 & 9 were so busy I only posted on each grade level page so please head over to your grade level page and see what is happening.  
    Welcome to week 7 April 28th to May 4th. I'm excited to see all the awesome art that will be posted this week. The projects are some of my favorites so far. Some new and some "tried and true".  Many of the grades have a video I made this week so I won't be posting a general one. I look forward to zooming with each grade level.  An email will be sent home to tell you when your grade will be scheduled. Be patient as it might take a couple weeks to get to everyone. Miss you!

    Week of April 21st to April 27th: earth  Earth Week!  Go to your grade level page and see this week's assignment.  When you're done post to your Padlet page.  5th and 6th grade now have Padlet pages for fun but still need to turn in work on Google Classroom.  Check back a little later for a video showing Mrs. Hoogerhyde's creation. Happy Earth Day (Wednesday) or Happy Earth Week!!  Video Week 6 and Mrs. H's recycle creation

    Hello everyone!  Welcome to Week 5 April 14th to 20th
    *5th and 6th grade you are using Google Classroom to post your work.  K to 4 you are posting in your class Padlet pages.   Be patient as I have to approve the Padlet posts before they appear to everyone.  Please go to your grade level page on the left for assignments and to see how to post your art if you haven't done so yet. Make sure you scroll down.  Thank you.
    Week 4:  Tuesday April 7th to Monday April 13th
    Check each grade level page for newest assignments.  Padlet pages are up and running for K to 4th grade.  5th and 6th are using Google Classroom to communicate and turn in work.  I am always available at the email address at the top of this page 
    Week 3:  Tuesday March 31st to Monday April 6th 
    Welcome back to art class.  I can't believe it will be our 3rd online week.  Time is really flying. Check each grade level page for specific instructions for this weeks lessons.  Have fun!  Be sure to check there as well for Padlet links and passwords (coming soon) to post your art. I can't wait to see this weeks projects!!  (I am working according to my regular schedule to set each class up so if you don't see your Padlet information check back when you usually have art).
    Week 2: Tuesday March 24th to Monday March 31st
    This week is the 2nd art class (day 2) to finish the "Be A Health Hero" poster. Many of you finished so I'm going to ask you to reflect and critique your work as well as explore some websites.  I will explain a little further in the video link below and in detail on each grade level page at the left menu. 
    (use Safari if Chrome doesn't work)

    Week 1 for Art is from Tuesday March 17th to Monday March 23rd

    try the video in Safari if it doesn't work in Chrome

    **See online instructions per grade at the left side of my site. It will be a tab called "Online art lessons".  Choose your grade level to get to that page.
    Please email me a photo showing you working at home.  We have a SB photo collection being put together of our online learning.  Send to the address below and I'll add it to the collection. 
    Contact  : mhoogerhyde@npsdnj.org
    Also check out the tab at the left called Great Art Websites and have some fun playing and exploring. Each weekday at 1:00 there is a live Doodle lunch with Mo Willems; check it out  https://www.kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems/  
    You can look up older episodes on YouTube.  Parents do you know about safeyoutube.net? You can copy a link (url) from any youtube video and put it into safeyoutube.net so there are no commercials or other options on the page.  Just a precaution if you feel you want that.  
    white flower red flower  leaves
    Artwork from Georgia O'Keeffe / one of my favorite artists