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     At home instruction .............

    Wednesday, April 8 - To my Wednesday classes 2B, KSam, 6DM, 2TR, 5IM, 1B and 5A and to all those who want to do something physical everyday ....

     Hi boys and girls!!!   I hope everyone is healthy and happy!!  I loved Zooming with you and hope I get to see you more.  By now, I think everyone has been to my website and has been active.  Exercise helps you physically and mentally - so keep at it.  

    On to week four... I have tried to make getting to the videos easier by putting them on this welcome page.  Check them out - I add new videos everyday!!!  I was motivated by seeing on the news about people doing marathons in their backyards or on their balconies.  I know that is not easy but there are some walking videos that you can do in the house if you can't get out - try them, they are in the fitness section.  Also, I have added videos to help you with sport skills called Sportskool- These are videos to help you with dribbling, shooting baskets, throwing and lacrosse skills - give them a try!

    Remember, I have made a change in how to record your activities/exercise.  For grades k-2 - you will still use the paper log I gave you to record what you are doing (if you misplaced it, you can make up your own log with the date, activity and the amount of time).  For grades 3-6, please use the link below and record your activities from this week forward.  Grades 3-5, I would like to see 2 recordings for 20 minutes (because you have class twice a week) and for grade 6 there should be 3 recordings of 20 minutes (you have class three times a week).  Of course, if you exercise more you can record that too!! 

    Please click on this link: Physical Education Log


    You can choose any of the following activities to do - click on the blue below or just go to the pages/tabs listed on the left side in my website and click on them:  PLEASE HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION FOR YOUR SAFETY!!!!  Partner activities are for those in your household.  There are indoor suggestions and outdoor suggestions (that is if you are given permission to go outside by your parents/guardian).

    Yoga videos - videos for various ages/grades  

    k-2 cosmic kids yoga       3/4 grade yoga      5/6 grade yoga

    Dance videos - videos for various ages/grades

    all grades dance

    Fitness videos - videos for various ages/grades    

     all grades fitness

    Individual activities - inside and outside ideas 

    go to the individual activities page/tab on the left side of my welcome page for a number of activities/exercises to try

    Partner activities - inside and outside ideas 

    go to the partner activities page/tab on the left side of my welcome page for a number of activities to try

    partner fitness

    Sportskool videos - videos to improve various sport skills

    skill videos

    Of course, you and your parents may have other physical activities for you to participate in - just record them on the log. 

    If you find videos that you like, please email me so that I could add those to the website.  Also, I know many of you have been creative in the past and made up new games or challenges - if you have any your would like to share, please email me and I will share those with your fellow students.   


      "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!"

     Information regarding class objective, curriculum, grading and rules are located in - Back to School Night - Class Information.

    Keep up on your fitness - work on your flexibility with stretching; abdominal strength with curl ups; upper body strength with push ups.  If you go outside work on your cardio-respiratory endurance by jogging and/or walking briskly and your agility by changing directions while moving around.