• hn  Homework Week of October 26, 2015 hn
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    Language Arts 


    Social Studies 

     RemindersPJ Day tomorrow!! (No slippers)Wear your favorite sports team tomorrow!Wear sweats and bright colors tomorrow!
    Bring your Halloween costume in a bag for our parade tomorrow!
    Party - 1:30
    Parade 2:30 
    ******  Check Señora Donohoe's website to see if there is any FLES homework!***
    Be prepared and practice responsible homework habits...here's how
    ...Create a drop spot-find a quiet place where you have room to work.
    ...Keep all your supplies in your drop spot- pencils, crayons, books, folders and everything else you will need so you can get right to work.
    ...Set a routine - do your work before you are too tired or distracted. Get your work done first, then you'll have time for other activities.
    ...Check your work when you are done - is your name on your hw?
    ...Put your work right into your school bag so you don't forget it.
    **This homework is subject to change! ALWAYS check your child's planner for the daily homework assignments.**