• Name: Mr. James A. Bullaro 
    Homeroom: E-2
    Phone: 908-464-4707  VM 5027
    Subject(s): 5th Grade Science
    Contact me: jbullaro@npsdnj.org
    Welcome Back To Science Class!

     All Assignments and Student Schedule will be posted on Google Classroom


    Classroom Expectations for 2021-2022
    Always be respectful of each other while in class 
    Strive to be, and stay organized
    Exhibit self-discipline
    Ask for help
    Be flexible, patient and kind!
    Grade Category Weights 
    Classwork/Homework Combo 50%
    Test/Projects/Quiz Combo 50%
    Problem solve + Responsibility + Self-discipline = Best Reward-THE SATISFACTION OF A JOB WELL DONE!