• Name: Mr. James A. Bullaro and
    Mrs. Brittany Miller (5IM Only)
    Homeroom: E-2
    Phone: 908-464-4707  VM 5027
    Subject(s): 5th Grade Science
    Contact me: jbullaro@npsdnj.org
    Welcome to Virtual Science Class!  

     If you are having trouble with anything, send and email or message through google classroom.  

    Please check the Homework and Assignments section of

    my website each day for daily assignments. 

    The Remote Science Packet is posted on Google Classroom.


    Grade Category Weights 
    Tests 50%
    CW 30%
    Quizzes 15%
    HW 5%
    Classroom Expectations for 2019-2020
    Pay Attention
    Be Cooperative and respectful of each other
    Exhibit self-discipline
    Remain on task 
    Problem solve + Responsibility + Self-discipline = Best Reward-THE SATISFACTION OF A JOB WELL DONE!