Name: Mrs. Ilona Lelli
    Contact : ilelli@npsdnj.org 
    Elementary Art Teacher
             We Are Each Unique And Beautiful...But Together We Are A Masterpiece!
                                                                                 Grades 1-6 2017
     Grade K-6 2015
    Grades K-6 2014

    Dear Parents,

      Welcome to the 2019 ~2020 school year!
        I am looking forward to another fun and exciting year exploring art,
    being creative and learning new things! 
    I have been preparing new art projects I sure you will enjoy.
    I am excited to teach new art skills and concepts while
    continuing to build and enhance those practiced last year. 
        Art class meets once a week for 40 minutes.  
    Please visit my webpage to view important information such as
    grading rubrics, classroom rules and expectations,
    fun art websites
    and the calendar for important dates.
         In art class, we will be studying a variety of artists' work.  We will learn the elements of art and 
    how to use different materials to express our own ideas.  We will discuss
    multicultural topics, world history and how those subjects are represented
    through art. 
          Communication is important so I encourage you to contact me if you
    have any questions or concerns.  Please email me at ilelli@npsdnj.org

        I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year!  We will have many

    wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow in the days ahead.

    See you in September!

    Mrs. Lelli

     Create, Learn, Explore...
    I am looking forward to a fun and creative year!