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    Name: Mrs. Worswick
    Phone: 908-464-4707 x5167 (voice mail)
    Homeroom: E-5
    Subject(s): Sixth Grade LA/SS
    Contact me: cworswick@npsdnj.org 
     Welcome to Mrs. Worswick's Home Page
    6th Grade Language Arts Social Studies 
                               Positive Learning Environment
                                          ·     Listen (think about your thinking!)

                                          ·     Be cooperative & respectful of each other      

    What GOOD STUDENTS do…

    ·     Eyes on the person with speaker power
    ·     Wait silently for directions         
    ·     Change tasks quickly and quietly
    ·     Bring all books and materials to class (textbook, pencil, notebooks, folders, planner, independent read, homework)
                         =Problem solve
    BEST REWARD The satisfaction of a job well done!