• 6th

    Name: Elaine Berman
    Homeroom: E-5
    Subject(s): 6th Grade L.A./S.S.
    Contact me: eberman@npsdnj.org
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    Our class code is NDM2T.
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    Grading Policy
    - No credit is given for late/incomplete homework.
    - For all assignments other than homework, 5 points will be deducted per day if an assignment is late.
    - The preparation grade is calculated (for each class) by dividing the number of days that a student is completely prepared for class by the total number of days in the marking period.
    Writing Grades
    90% Writer's Workshop (this includes assessment of the writing process as well as the product)
    10% preparation
    Reading Grades
    90% Reader's Workshop (this includes reflective writing and all reading assessments)
    10% preparation
    Social Studies
    45% tests/projects
    35% quizzes/mini-projects
    10% homework
    10% preparation
    In All Classes:
    √+ = 100%
    √ = 85%
    √- = 75%