• Welcome
    Names: Ms.Twillmann & Mrs. Kautzmann
    Homeroom: 107
    Subject: Second Grade
    Contact Me: ctwillmann@npsdnj.org
    Monday- Art
    Tuesday- Library 
    Wednesday- PE and Spanish 
    Thursday- PE
    Friday- Music and Sing-a-long
    If your child has forgotten their math homework, the homework that is assigned will be listed under the "Homework" tab in this website.
    To access the homework online, you can go to ThinkCentral and use your child's log-in username and password. From there, you click on "Library" and then click on Go! Math Student Edition E-Book G2. You will have access to the entire workbook and you will find the assigned homework unit and chapter we are learning in class to access homework.

     Celebration Food Request Form (for birthdays): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbYWZcLyv7ZEKBVKm9YObGwnCKpE2b0EJLbwz3x8EgwLHoYQ/viewform


    What we are learning this week:

    Math: Relationships between basic facts

    Reading: using meaning to read fluently, understanding figurative language and reading at a just 'right' pace

    Writing: Getting ready to publish our small moment stories  

    Words Study: Get Spelling test signed and bring back to school, doubling letters word study words. (Test will be on 11/22)

    Social Studies: Consumer and Producer and Supply and Demand and trading 


    Word Study Words

    Word Study Words will be sent home every two weeks to be studied and sorted by the student. Spelling tests will be given on the Friday two weeks after the words have been sent home. The test dates will be posted here. 


    Math tests

     Math tests will be given at the end of each unit. The student will be notified of the upcoming math test at the beginning of the week. Math tests will be given on Fridays. I will also be posting the upcoming math tests on this site. 


    Upcoming Dates!

    Oct 31st Halloween 
    November 4-6th Parent-Teacher Conferences 
    November 7-8th School Closed for NJEA Convention
    November 12th Grandparents Day 
    November 12th-13th Parent Visitations
    November 12th-13th Book Fair 
    November 27th- Early Dismissal - Thanksgiving Recess 
    November 28-29th -Schools Closed Thanksgiving Recess 
    December 4th- Holiday Crafts 
    December 11th- Report Cards
     Welcome to Second Grade!
    Please contact me by note or email if you have any questions or concerns.