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    Mrs. Erika Ledder Inzano, LCSW
    School Counselor
     908-464-7100 x685
    What is a School Counselor?
    School Counselors address the academic, social, and emotional needs of ALL students by collaborating with students, parents, school staff and the community.
    What does a School Counselor do?
    Teach classroom lessons on a variety of topics.
    Teach weekly 5th grade character education classes.
    Counsel individual students as needed.
    Provide conflict resolution support to students as needed.
    Counsel small groups of students with a similar concern.
    Offer academic counseling to individual students as needed.
    Consult with teachers and assist them in meeting student needs.
    Coordinate Character Education programs in the school.
    Consult with parents and assist them in meeting student needs.
    Maintain an information center for parents and teachers.
    In New Providence we encourage parents and students to utilize the services and expertise of the School Counselor.  Parents may confer with the School Counselor either by phone or by appointment during school hours.
Last Modified on September 22, 2016