Salt Brook Physical Education
    Mrs. Mary Trimmer & Mr. William Shaw
    Phone:  464-7100 ext. 653
    Contact us:  mtrimmer@npsdnj.org


    Class Procedures
    I. Be prepared for class - wear SNEAKERS ONLY
    Sneakers must be SECURED to your child's feet.
    Sneakers must be TIED before coming to Physical Education.
    Lower Grades must bring their sneakers in their bookbag,
    if they are wearing other footwear to school! 
     Sneaker Pimpin': Justin Learns
    II.  Participate with your Best Effort
    If you are Unable to Participate for a Medical Reason
          Send An Email To
    lkral@npsdnj.org, wshaw@npsdnj.org & mtrimmer@npsdnj.org
    Parent/Doctor's Note
    All Notes Must Go Directly to The Mrs. Kral First Thing in the Morning!
     Image result for nurse's office
    III.  Be a good listener, raise your hand, and be kind to Everyone!
    IV. Demonstrate good sportsmanship/manners at all times!

      • Please begin allergy medication just a head of allergy season.  
    Visit the link below to check on Pollen Alerts!
    Thank you for your support!