• Mrs. Minich & Mrs. Parlapanides 
    First Grade Teachers
    (908) 464-7100
    Contact us: jminich@npsdnj.org and
    Welcome to our Digital Classroom!
    Hello 1MP! Welcome to our Digital Classroom! Using the sidebar, each day click on the day of the week and you will find our activities for the day. With adult assistance, check the specials (Art, Music, PE, Spanish, Library) page on our website and follow our normal daily schedule: PE on Monday and Friday - check Mr. Cruz and Mr. Conzentino’s webpage.  On Tuesday and Thursday, check Ms. Crockett’s webpage.  Check Mrs. Hoogerhyde’s and Mrs. Demich’s webpage on Wednesday and on Friday check Senora Leonard's webpage. Parent assistance with following directions and the content of lessons will be appreciated and is encouraged when possible.
    Before you sit down to do your school work, get the following supplies: red calendar folder, white board, dry erase marker, a tissue or napkin to use as a dry erase eraser if you don't have one at home, math book, journal, scissors, glue, pencil, eraser, and your water bottle. Additional supplies if you have at home: dice, playing cards, and number line.
    Please email us during our school hours at jminich@npsdnj.org & aparlapanides@npsdnj.org with questions or concerns. There is a learning curve for all of us and we know there will be some kinks to work out but we are all in this together!