• Music Playing
    Name: Mr. Donald Baker
    Subject: Instrumental Music
    Contact me: DBaker@npsdnj.org
    Welcome to our Virtual Bandroom.
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     Have some questions about being in 5th and 6th Grade Band or Jazz Band click here.
    Much of what the music department in our district is able to accomplish is a direct result of the support of parents and especially the Music Boosters. Please click on the link and consider joining if you haven't already!
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    Be sure to have a binder, five or ten plastic protector sheets, a pencil case, and your lesson book at all times we meet.

    Everyone should come to lessons with a completed practice record.
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    Here's a great free tuner for iOS! 
    Here's a great free metronome for iOS 
    Questions Email Mr. Baker: dbaker@npsdnj.org