• Kenneth Hess
    Department Head of Fine, Performing and Practical Arts
    Contact: khess@npsdnj.org
    908-464-4700 ext. 1637
    Visual and Practical Arts Department
    The Visual and Practical Arts are a vital part of the New Providence School District educational program. Our district affords all students the opportunity to experiment and excel in these fields. Students at Allen W. Roberts and Salt Brook Schools receive a well-rounded art education beginning in Kindergarten and progressing through 6th grade. All 7th and 8th grade students continue their early art education through drawing and painting and explore digital art and design through middle school art offerings. In high school, the Department of Visual Arts consists of a wide variety of courses, where students can take introductory classes and progress to higher levels in a given discipline. The Department of Practical Arts offers experiences in technology and design, technology and construction, and culinary and fabric arts. For details regarding specific programs and instructors, please access the staff directory on the left.
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Last Modified on January 20, 2020