Art Gallery Painting and Drawing  2016-2017
    Grades 9-12
    Pumpkins, Corn and Gourds
    Emily K
    Halloween Candy Colored pencil 
    Emily K
             Christian C           
     Helena H    JUlia Z
     Focal Point
    Catherine K
       Emily K
    Helena H
            Julia Z 2
     Sydney S    Maya B
    Julia 3
       Julia 3
    Maya B   
     Editorial Cartoons
     julia    maya
     Sydney    Reilley
     Oil Paintings
     Danielle N    Nicole
     Breanne     Noran
     Fiona     Sophie
     Newspaper Collage  
     Amit      Dan
  • Art Gallery Drawing and Painting Lab The above colored pencil drawing gained a gold key award from Scholastic Art Awards, and was exhibited in the Montclair Art Museum, It was selected for the "Fresh Perspective" art show at the Morris Museum as one of 50 of the best art pieces from the whole state.


    Silver Key Award- Scholastic
    Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz Illustrations

    Focal Point

    Scary hands

    Halloween Candy colored pencil
    licheng halloween candy
                    Alyssa hogarth
     Gold Key Winner- Scholastic Art Awards 
    Fran Kubati

    licheng cut paper
    Licheng Cut Paper
     Silver Key Winner in Design -Scholastic Gold Key Winner in Design  - Scholastic 
     Duck Stamps 
    licheng duck stamp   duck stamp Deborah B.
     Oil Paintings 
     Katie Harris  Katie Kinum
     Mary Riccio  Yuval Ofek
     Oliver M  Rebecca Pappas
     M.C. Escher 
     licheng Escher    Betye Saar
     Lichang self portrait