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New Providence School District

World Language Honor Societies


World Language National Honor Societies
Faculty Advisor: 
Aracely DiGirolamo

To be inducted, a student must meet all of the following criteria:
•Students must be juniors or seniors. Sophomore students taking a 3rd-year course must wait until their Junior year to be inducted.
•Students must have reached their 3rd year in the study of a particular language at the secondary school level.  A student enrolled in online Latin is not eligible for the WL Honor Society because it is a two-year course of study.
  • Exception: Students who have reached the highest level of the language course offered at New Providence High School and will consequently have no further opportunity to be inducted into the Society in the years to come (e.g. sophomores in Advance Placement French).
•Students must have a minimum “A-” (3.25) grade point average in their overall course work and their World Language course work.  This average will include the midterm grades of the induction year. 
•Students may be inducted into more than one Honor Society if they meet the individual requirements for both Societies (i.e. – 3 years of French and 3 years of Spanish at the secondary school level).