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New Providence School District

Social Studies


Byron Tracey
Department Head
Social Studies/World Language
(908) 464-4700  extension: 1639
A well-rounded education in the social sciences can serve as a basis for students to better understand their relationships with people, institutions, and the environment. The courses offered in the social studies department provide students with the opportunity to enjoy the requisite history courses and the various disciplines within our field of study including psychology, sociology, economics, and criminology.
It is through the development of specific cognitive and affective skills that students will develop their abilities as citizens of the United States and the World, and will understand the roles they play in the 21st century.
We believe that these skills are essential elements as we prepare our students to meet the challenges of the multi-cultural world and global economy of the 21st century. Incorporating both the national and state standards into our curriculum, we combine communication skills, cultural connections, and inter-disciplinary activities to create learning experiences where each child can experience success and satisfaction.
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