2019/2020 Board/Committee Goals- 8/29/19

    Board Goals:

    1) Continue to discuss the demographic study, potential development and the associated educational impact to our community
    2) Complete and identify the District’s Strategic Goals for the next five years
    3)  Complete the fiscal year 2020/2021 budget process in a timely and compliant manner
    4)  Evaluate the District’s public relations practices within the school community
    5)  Implement and monitor the special education inclusion program
    6)  Monitor the school resource officers in the schools
    7)  Review the middle school schedule and any proposed changes 

    Committee Goals:

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

    • Continue to monitor the digital transformation of technology in the classroom while at the same time monitoring the social and emotional impact of technology
    • Evaluate the middle school schedule and propose changes for the 2020/2021 school year
    • Monitor the implementation of French and Algebra I (non-honors 8th grade) in the middle school
    • Address what the classroom will look like for Generation Z and the 4th Industrial classroom expectations (grades K-12)
    • Monitor the inclusionary program
    • Monitor the implementation of new electives offered at the high school as a result of the new drop bell schedule (consider new electives for the 2020/2021 school year)
    • Continue to discuss the demographic study as changes occur in the community

    Finance, Facilities, and Safety/Security

    • Review enrollment projections and results of the demographic study report related to facilities
    • Present the 2020/2021 budget within State-mandated cap
    • Monitor the Borough’s affordable/market housing requirements, specifically with the "Bard" property
    • Review facilities to plan for enhancements, if needed, to align with curriculum needs and extracurricular activities
    • Address remaining bond proceeds

    Personnel, Management, and Communication

    • Continue to discuss the demographic study and potential development as it relates to personnel and staffing
    • Continue to evaluate methods of communication with the school community
    • Evaluate potential new positions within the District


Last Modified on September 4, 2019