•  Have fun!
    Check out a few apps that have speech therapists talking:
    PreSchool Language Apps
    MyPlayHome:  A super interactive house that allows children to use different characters to focus on increasing sentence length, verbs, pronouns and following directions
    My PlayStore:  Go shopping with a variety of characters
    Verbs with Milo: Watch Milo act out verbs
    Sequencing with Milo: Sequence a 3 step story with Milo the Mouse! 
    Picture the Sentence: Helps children learn how to process the meaning of sentences of increasing length and complexity. 
    Music Animals:  Great photos and clear sounds! 
    Alien Buddies: Reinforce colors, shapes, letters and numbers.
    Photo Memory Game:  Focus on vocabulary and even add your own photos.
    Hiding Hannah:Hannah hides a different item on each page.  It is like an interactive "I Spy" book!  Focus on many language concepts such as pronouns, prepositions, and more! 
    Finding Frankie the Frog: A great hide and seek and guessing game! 
    Articulation Apps 
    ArtikPix:  Play a matching game and even record your own voice while focusing on your target sound!
    SpeechBox : Practice target sounds with realistic pictures.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!