• MLA stands for the Modern Language Association. It is the format that you need to learn, mainly for writing research papers, before you enter high school and, quite possibly, eighth grade as well. MLA format is the format for formatting papers, adding citations, quoting authors and website information, and eliminating plagiarism in your written work.
    Formatting Your Work
    • Font - Times New Roman (Always!)
    • Size- 12
    • Spacing - double spaced
    • 1 inch margins (Not terribly important, but add it if you know how!)
    MLA Heading
    On the top of the page, left aligned, should be your MLA Heading. The heading should be double spaced. The title should be centered in the middle after your heading. Hit enter twice and put your title in the center.
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    Mrs. Izbicki
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    John Smith
    Mrs. Izbicki
    Language Arts
    22 September 2014