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    Welcome to First Grade Music

    Welcome to your digital first grade music classroom!! Please follow the directions for pictures and videos below. 

    When you are done, fill out this easy MUSIC LOG to document that you participated in music or sing-a-long today!


    Week 13:  Wow, 1st Graders, we have come to our very last music class!  I LOVED seeing all of your videos on FlipGrid, it brought such a smile to my face.  No need to scroll down this week because you can find your assignment right here.  Click PRESENT on the top right after you click this link to begin your adventure!!

    If you would still like to share a favorite song on FlipGrid please see the directions below: 


    Video demonstration of instructions: HERE

    -Open the FlipGrid App on a device or if you are using a desktop/website go to this LINK

    -Enter flipcode: crockett3900

    -Student ID is your class name: 





    - Read through the directions and once you are ready tap the green circle with the white plus sign to add your video.

    -Press the red camera to record, feel free to add emojis to your video but make sure we can still see you!

    -Change the name to your first name for name and type in the name of the song for title (the rest you can leave blank)

    -Click or tap SUBMIT

    If you would like other SB students to be able to see your video, your parents should send me an email giving permission.  I will only activate videos with parental permission. :)

    Is it your birthday?? Click the birthday tiger for a suprise!!

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    1) We are always practicing rhythm in music class!  We use the syllables "du", "du-de" , "du-ta-day-ta" to help practice our rhythms.  This week we are going to do RHYTHM WARS: EPISODE II.  Read the rhythms as they scroll by, after you hear 4 clicks try to clap each rhythm.  May the force be with you ;)


    Rhythm Wars: Episode I

    Rhythm Wars: Episode II


    2.  Time to get singing!  Please click the video link below to echo some singing patterns with Ms.Crockett.  Then see if you can echo just her hand!)

     Solfege Patterns



    4. We are going to learn some ADD-ON songs!  Add-on songs become longer as progress through the song.  This week we are going to learn the main melody to "There's a Hole in the Middle of the Sea". 

    Next week we will ADD-ON to the song!

    There's a Hole in the Middle of the Sea


    Here are the other ADD-ON song we learned so far:

    She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

    I Bought Me a Cat (Echo Video)

    I Bought Me a Cat (Full Song)



    5.  Here are some other videos of some of our songs to sing with:

    Shoo Fly!


    Tiki Room Part 1

    Tiki Room Part 2

    Tiki Room Part 3

    Tiki Room Whole Song

    Clickety Clack  

    Down By the Bay

    Loose Tooth


    Now here's just a song to get us up, movin', and having fun :)

    Yankee Doodle (Can you move around the room to the A and B section?)

    City Blues



    6.  Mollie's Corner

    Meet my floppy happy puppy Mollie! I will be posting some fun songs to sing with her here throughout the week!


    How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

    Baby Beluga 

    Mi Cuerpo

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Bow Wow Wow

    Can You Keep a Steady Beat?