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    Welcome to Third Grade Music
    We are starting to use the staff to help us learn different melodies.  We learned to recognize notes that are moving by step and notes that are moving by skip!
    Can you remember the tools to help name the line notes and the space notes? 
    music staff 
    We talked about the direction of melody.  We discovered that melody can go up, down, or stay the same!
    We had some fun following voice direction maps like this one:
    Roller Coaster
    Then we made a map of "Twinkle Twinkle" littler star.  We chose where to put the stars based on whether our voice went up, down, or stayed the same!   It ended up looking like this:
    Twinkle Map  
    We noticed that sometimes we made big leaps with our voice and sometimes we made little steps with our voice.  We also discovered that we started and ended on the same note!