• Tests and Quizzes:
    • Tests and quizzes comprise 70% of a student's grade.  Tests count twice and quizzes count once.
    • Students are encouraged to study for mid-chapter quizzes by completing the mid-chapter checkpoints in their books.  Study guides will be provided for most tests but it is strongly suggested that students use their books, homework, class work, and notes to prepare for major assessments.
    • Projects will be weighted as a test or quiz grade depending on the size of the project.
    • All tests and quizzes must be signed by a parent or guardian, and returned to me.  Signing and returning tests/quizzes is considered a homework responsibility.
    • If for any reason a student misses a test/quiz (band, instrumental, GT, dental appointments, illness, etc.), the student has the responsibility of scheduling and making up the test/quiz in a timely manner (five school days from the original date unless other arrangements have been made).
    • Homework counts as 30% of a student's grade.
    • Homework will be posted on the website but should also be copied down in class (in case the website is unavailable.)