Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

    Susan Shallcross


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    Good Morning!
    Instructions for Tuesday, 5/26/2020

    Essential Question:

    How can you use measurements to describe two-dimensional figures?

    Today you should focus on LA and Social Studies. If you have extra time and would like to work on math, please continue preparing for the Chapter 10 Test (tomorrow) using the pre-test, practice test, and extra practice. The Practice Test is most like the actual test so please focus on this resource.  Be sure to finish lessons 10.1 through 10.6 before completing these study materials. You can check PowerSchool for missing assignments. I have reopened most assignments in ThinkCentral so you can complete them.  If you have any questions or would like to join an Extra Help Zoom, please send me a message.

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    Math Antics Triangles

    Math Antics: Perimeter

    Math Antics Area

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