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    You might be wondering....
    What is Language Arts going to be like?
    What does my teacher expect of me? 
    How can I succeed in class?
    These materials will be reviewed with you on the first day of school and emphasized throughout the school year.
    You will also receive many of these documents and you will be required to keep them in the Language Arts section of your binder.
    Grading and Assessments

    Assignments are broken down into the following categories:

    Homework -5-25pts.

    Journals- 10-30 pts.

    Classwork - 10-25 pts.

    Quizzes- 30-60 pts.

    Tests and Essays- 100-120 pts.

    Projects- 100 to 150 pts.


    Student Handbook
    A link to the student handbook is posted on our New Providence Middle School website
    Mutual Respect
    Policies and Procedures
    This document has also been shared with you on Google Drive and handed out to you on the first day of school. It is also posted in the ABOUT section of your Google Classroom.
    Class Rules and Expectations
    These rules are as follows:
    1. Be on time and come to class prepared.
    2. Listen, follow directions, and stay on task.
    3. Raise your hand to speak. Do not called out unless asked to do so.
    4. Demonstrate respect for me and your classmates at all times.
    5. Wait to be dismissed. (Ask to be dismissed from the classroom as well) 
    Behavioral Consequences
    1st offense - Classroom warning/5 minute detention
    2nd offense -  15 minute detention and a call/email home
    3rd offense - Administrative contact/Parent meeting 
    SEVERE: All of the above!
    Please note: These consequences can be handed out in one class period. Your best chance of not receiving a offense is to always follow our class rules and expectations. This does not mean we cannot have a fun year or a fun class period, but there are standards that I will hold you to throughout the year! I expect you to do well, to grow as a learner and to be an active participant in class.

    iPad Usage Rules

    You will have signed a contract acknowledging that you understand these rules and that an automatic detention is administered for not complying with these rules.

    You may not…

    • Use iPad to search graphic images
    • Use iPad to engage in cyberbullying
    • Use iPad to message peers
    • Use iPad to play games, unless they relate to class
    • Use iPad to take inappropriate photos
    • Use iPad to look at or work on anything during pertinent class information
    Plan for Success-- How can I do well?
    • Do your homework
    • Come for extra help if you need it
    • Pay attention in class and complete all activities
    • Ask relevant questions when completing assignments or practicing writing and reading skills
    • Always do your outside reading or the reading required for class
    • CARE!  If you are committed to class and you care about your progress, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! 
    • Stay organized and keep an organized binder and folder
    • Make sure you turn in your work on time, especially if it is a major essay
    Remember THE 3 R'S