The First Few Days Back!
    September 4-6th, 2019
    For the first few days of school, we will be going over policies and procedures, learning about your new classroom, introducing ourselves to each other, and setting up our writer's notebook and the Language Arts section of your binder as well as the technology that you will use throughout the year.
     The following materials must come with you for the first week of school. 
    This includes your summer reading assignment! 
    -A section set up for Language Arts only WITH FIVE TABS (in your main binder) or one binder for class
    -A composition notebook
    -Post-its (I will have extras!)
    -looseleaf paper
    -pens, pencils, markers and highlighters
    Language Arts Binder sections
    Please use dividers to create the following sections, which we will discuss on FRIDAY:
    -Independent Reading
    Writer's/Reader’s Notebook
    You were issued one this week and it will stay in our classroom most of the time.
    Additional Notebook
    Bring this to class with you this week.