Unit 3 Socializing the Individual
    Nature v. Nurture:  The basic argument
    Which element has a greater influence on who you become as a person?

    Firefighting twins:  Nature or Nurture
    Identical twins separated at birth grew up to remarkably similar in their tastes, affect and lifestyle.  Suggesting that nature is a powerful force in development.
     Identical Twin sisters separated at birth
     Traumatic events can shape the person you become:  Elizabeth Smart will be a different person because the traumatic events that took place in her childhood suggesting NURTURE can be a dominant force in development.

    Baby Sea Turtles:  These babies have zero nurturing from their parents.  They behave from birth purely based on instinct.
     Oksana:  Ukranian girl socialized by dogs.  Mixed socialization created a dysfunctional life for this woman.
    Start at 5:15 for rehabilitation  
    Genie:  One of the most famous "Wild" Children.  Her experience suggests that Nurture is critically important to development
    Birth Order:  What impact does it have on personality?



    The Looking Glass Self

    US Marine Corps:  Resocialization
    Marine Corp Boot camp call Home:  During the Resocialization process links to previous social experiences are severely limited. 
     Resocialization in a TOTAL INSTITUTION: Joining a Buddhist Monastary

    Social Development:  Beginning to 3:10, 6:20-8:20


     Socialization, anticipatory socialization



    Read the Article:  Let's End Adolescence and be ready for a quiz on it tomorrow 
    Post Quiz - Read articles and answer questions
    Page 10 Mean Girls, Bullies,
    Page 12: Obama Says...
    Page 13:  Multicultural society...
    Page 15 Gender Roles Change 

    1.  Read LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) Youth Facts / Statistics  from you article packet (Page 9) and complete the questions 15-18 on the questions sheet.
    2.  Go to Newsela www.newsela.com
    Read two articles and complete the attached quizzes.  Use the following codes for your period. 

    Period 2:  BZXRQY

    Period 3:  QKPE5K

    Period 4:  NJP3UP

    :  Transgender Stories
    Quiz:  Brave Old World Questions from the Brave Old World Article found in your Unit 3 Articles (page 22) below (which you have already downloaded into Notability)
    Unit 3 Articles Packet questions: 
    Brave Old World Questions:
    When directed: