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    Welcome to
    Second Grade Sing-a-Long

    Welcome to your digital second grade Sing-a-long classroom!! If it is time for music, head over to Mrs. Starr's page.  Please follow the directions for videos below.

    When you are done, fill out this easy MUSIC LOG to document that you participated in sing-a-long today!

    Week 13: Wow, 2nd Graders, we have come to our very last Sing-a-Long class!  No need to scroll down because you can find your assignment right here.  Click present on the top right after you click this link to begin your adventure!!  Have an AMAZING SUMMER :)

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    1.  Time to get singing!  Please click the video link below to echo some singing patterns with Ms.Crockett.  Then see if you can echo just her hand!

     Solfege Patterns


    2.  Let's move around today.  Move around the room while tapping the beat lightly on your shoulder.  Call out a number and freeze for that many beats.  Don't forget to count the beats in your head as you freeze!  You can invite family members to play too.

    Jazz Loves Disney - Bare Necessities


    3. **NEW** Today you will be using "Boom Cards" to identify the DIRECTION of the MELODY.  A melody are notes strung together to make a song we can sing or play. 

    ~Click this link and find your class name. 

    ~Enter the password: music

    ~Scroll to the bottom and select "Music Ear Training|Same-Different Melodic Patterns" and play the game.  Have fun!


    4. Here is a folksong from South Africa called "Abiyoyo".  A FOLKSONG is a song that originates from a specific country or area.  Learn the lullaby with me and then see if you can sing along with the story.

    Abiyoyo Melody 

    Abiyoyo Book


    5. Now let's practice some of our SONGS!  Make sure you sing and move along!

    Over the Sea   (Echo Video)

    Over the Sea   (Full Song)

    Clickety Clack

    Four White Horses 

    Never Smile at a Crocodile

    Down By the Bay

    All I Really Need


    6. We have been working on singing ROUNDS!  Sing with each of these videos twice!  The first time we will sing together, the second time we will sing in a round.  I'll go first :)


    Start Everyday with a Song 


    7.  Now here's just a song to get us up, movin', and having fun 

    City Blues

    Yankee Doodle (Can you moved around the room to the A and B section?)


    8.  Mollie's Corner

    Meet my floppy happy puppy Mollie! I will be posting some fun songs to sing with her here throughout the week!

    How Much Is That Doggie in the Window? 

    Baby Beluga 

    Mi Cuerpo

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Bow Wow Wow (Remember this one from 1st Grade?!)

    Can You Keep a Steady Beat?