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    Article Form

    (25 points)

    Name:                                                                                                              Date:

    Class:                                                                                                               Period:


    1. (1 pt) Name of Article:

    2. (1 pt) Author:

    3. (2 pts) Article Citation ACS Format:

            Author 1; Author 2. Title of Article. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume, Inclusive Pagination. 

    4. (1 pts) What database did you use to find this article?


    5. (3 pts) What branch (or branches) of science does this article relate to and how?


    6. (4 pts) What is the main idea of this article (mini summary)?


    7. (4 pts) How does this current event science article relate to your everyday life?


    8. (3 pts) What did you find most interesting about this article? What did you learn?


    9. (3 pts) What types of information would you continue to research that was in this article? (Did this article have an angle? Was there anything else that you would want to know?


    10. (3 pts) Who would you recommend to read this article (classmates, consumers, other scientists, etc.)?