• Monthly Reports 2014-2015
    DRAWING I and Drawing/Painting Lab
    September - 2014  -  Students will learn the basic theory of art - elements of art and principles of design: perspective (linear, angular and aerial, and proportions of the human body. Students will also create small  clay sculptures of the human head and body to observe how light interacts with form. Students will then study line system which will result in a sharpie marker and colored pencil design drawing using warm and cool colors and texture. Painting Lab will illustrate scenes from the "Wizard of Oz" or "Alice in Wonderland".
    October -Our second project is an observational drawing of pumpkins using sharpie markers, pencil or colored pencil.
    November -  We are working on an anthropomorphic scratchboard drawing. Students have a choice of depicting an animal engaged in the activities of humans or a subject matter of their own choosing. Students will create a series of "Notans", black cut paper. Lab students will learn about the Hudson River School and produce an oil painting of a landscape.
    December - Students will take photographs of their Halloween candy and create a colored pencil drawing. Students will finish the year by taking two tests on Drawing Facts  and drawing a caster wheel.
    January- 2015    Students will discuss world affairs and world problems and will create political and editorial cartoons. Students in both classes will produce a design for the Junior Federal Duck stamp contest.
    February 2015: Students will celebrate Black History month by studying black writers, poets, painters sculptors and architects. They will create an original work of art based on the artist they choose to study and write about.
    March 2015: Students will study M.C. Escher and create a morphing drawing.Students  will learn about Surrealism, complete 3 essays and create a surrealistic drawing.
    April 2015:  Students will design an illustration for "Recipes for Life"
    May 2015 .They will later study Expressionism and the work of Alice Neel, Edvard Munch and Henri Matisse. and create an oil pastel self portrait.
    June 2015  Photo realistic drawing of the OLP Fair.