The Board of Education has approved a policy which requires a transcript fee for college applications beyond the 8th request starting July 1, 2011. The first 8 transcripts are free and a fee of $25.00 will be charged for each transcript beyond that. The fee may be reduced or waived due to financial hardship in accordance with free and reduced lunch guidelines.  There is no charge to Alumni for transcripts.
    Fax:  908-464-5118
    New Providence High School
    Counseling Department
    35 Pioneer Drive
    New Providence, NJ 07974
    • Allow 10 days for processing
    • Official Transcripts will be mailed to the recipient indicated on the form (school, business, etc.).

    • Official transcripts cannot be mailed to the requester unless a copy of specific instructions from the recipient - indicating hand carrying requirement - are received with the request form.

    *Please note:  Persons 18 years of age or older must request their own transcript.  We cannot accept parent requests for students who are away at college.




Last Modified on August 1, 2018