• Student iTunes Accounts


    What is an Apple ID? When you want to download a new app (for free or by district purchase) from the Apps Store, the student will need to access an Apple ID. The Apps Store will prompt you to input your Apple ID and password each time you try to access a new app (either free or prepaid) for the iPad.


    ·         Each student must have an iTunes account. Each student is required to create an iTunes account using their school Gmail address as their Apple Id. The purpose is to empower students to manage and be responsible for and to be able to personalize their own iPads.

    ·         Apple’s terms and conditions for creating an Apple ID requires users to be at least 13 years old and for those under 18, to review and agree to the terms and conditions with a parent or guardian. Students will be responsible for the contents of their iPad.

    ·         The mobile device management software used by the district regularly collects an inventory of installed apps on each iPad allowing IT staff to see which apps are installed on student iPads. The MDM software is intended to manage and keep track of district owned iPads. It will also be used as an investigative tool in response to specific concerns or student misuse.

    ·         Students should have no expectations of privacy for the contents of their iPads just as they do not for their lockers and desks. Like lockers and desks, the district reserves the right to inspect the contents of a student’s iPad.

    ·         If you already have an iTunes account for another device, such as an iPhone and an iPod, you can use the same account for this device, with the following cautions: Please note that if you have a credit card linked to that iTunes account, you are giving your student the ability to purchase apps and other content, with very few technical limits in place. It is for this reason that we recommend you consider setting up an iTunes account with your students gmail address that is NOT linked to a credit card. Apple iTunes gift cards are recommended.

    For more information, including directions on how to make an iTunes account without a credit card, visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5114.

Last Modified on June 2, 2016