• Student Apple IDs for School Loaned iPads

    School Managed Student Apple IDs - each student will use a unique educational Apple ID to use for educational purposes. Managed Apple IDs, through Apple School Manager, are unique to our institution and separate from standard user Apple IDs associated with personal devices. Managed Apple IDs provide supervised access to Apple services. These services include iCloud, iTunes U, and Schoolwork. Managed Apple IDs also include 200GB of iCloud storage. To maintain a focus on education, the services below will be disabled for students: 

    App Store purchasing
    iTunes Store purchasing
    Book Store purchasing
    HomeKit connected devices
    Apple Pay
    iCloud Mail
    iCloud Keychain
    iCloud Family Sharing

    Self Service Apps Catalog - Students will have the ability educational apps and content through the Self Service App on their school loaned iPad. All apps provided in the Self Service App, or “NPHS App Store” are chosen to meet the instructional and personalized learning objectives for all subject areas. These specific apps are selected and approved by classroom teachers to support their curriculum. Please note, as teachers enhance their curriculum with new resources, additional apps will be reviewed and approved.

Last Modified on September 10, 2019