• District Philosophy - Repertoire Selection for Concerts


    Each teacher enters into the selection process of ensemble literature with the mindset of selecting repertoire based on quality of composition, aesthetic and educational value, and overall effectiveness with regard to the music education of the students in the ensemble.  If the selection is deemed “good music,” it inherently has validity and educational merit.  In selecting literature, teachers endeavor to find music that expands each student’s musical experiences.


    In addition to being a catalyst for the development of musical skills and concepts, repertoire should expand each student’s cultural awareness. This repertoire, and accompanying texts (in the case of vocal music), may or may not be associated with holidays - religious or otherwise.  Because tradition and culture are rooted deeply within the composition, performance and enjoyment of music, the study of these traditions and cultures is essential for an optimal musical experience.


    Throughout the K-12 experience in the New Providence Schools, students study the historical and cultural aspects of music representative of various holidays and traditions not only in order to perform the music with greater skill, but also to better understand the world around them. The selections in a single concert comprise a mere snapshot of a student’s complete educational journey.

Last Modified on November 29, 2017