Studying for tests/quizzes can, at times, be a monumental task.  Learning how and what to study is an important skill that needs to be learned and mastered by the end 5th grade. This is so very important as you become more active within the school community (i.e. sports teams, clubs, performance groups, etc). 

    Typically, most 5th graders often wait until the last possible moment - called "cramming" - to study for a test/quiz.  Tip #1: It is good practice to begin studying early.  I recommend to begin studying at least five (5) days before any scheduled test/quiz.  That way, if you have questions, they can be addressed in a timely manor and you have time to process and practice. 

    Tip #2: ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS!!  Do not wait until the end of a chapter to ask questions on a topic that was covered very early in the chapter.  Always ask questions when you have them at the time the concept was taught.  Remember that skills in a chapter build from beginning to end.  If you do not understand concepts in the beginning of the chapter and do not ask questions, most likely you will have difficulty understanding chapter concepts moving forward.   

    Tip #3: See me for extra help early.  The earlier, the better!  Many 5th grade students see me for help either a day before the test or the day of the test for help.  If you don't know the material the day of the test, coming to see me for help in the morning will not change that.  Remember, it's all about processing the information and allowing your brain to digest it.  Your brain does not have enough time to do that on test day. 

    Tip #4:  Print out my study guide page.  Check off/cross out the topics you know well.  What you have left are the topics you need to practice. 

    These are some tips to help you get started and can be used in other subject areas.  Do what works for you.  If you feel you need to begin studying 10 days before a test, by all means do so.  Never wait until the last minute to study.  To be successful, you need to take the necessary steps - ask questions, study early,  and study often.

    Math Whiz