• NPEF Grants Put To Good Use

    The aim of the NPEF is to enhance the educational experiences of New Providence students by creating successful partnerships between the New Providence public school community and the community at large, including residents, alumni, and businesses. Below are just a few of the grants that are being implemented this year.
    NPEF1 Mrs. Gregorio's 7th Grade Social Studies classes recently spent two days in the Media Center working on a performance task and using the iPads provided by a NPEF grant. The topic was Marco Polo, with each student assigned one of six different tasks created my Mrs. Gregorio. Although all the tasks focused on Marco Polo and his influence and responsibility in developing exploration, the role, audience, format and topic of each task varied enormously. In preparation for the tasks, all students watched a video on Safari Montage and read the article "Was Marco Polo a Great Explorer or a Liar?". They then undertook individual research and used computers and i-pads to access several databases and websites. The students were also able to access several i-books that were downloaded onto the i-pads to help them complete their assigned task.
    Mr McGeechan's High School Physics classes have been using the Lego MindStorm Robotics kits provided by last years NPEF Grant to prepare students for the 21st Century Global Marketplace. The kits are being used to help develop programs that allows students to put their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) knowledge to real-world use. The students have started and will continue to build teamwork skills, and engage in activities that foster creativity and allow students to learn, create, and innovate in a truly student-directed hands-on dynamic learning environment. The video below shows the grant in action. (Viewers using a the Chrome Browser, please download the file)
    In addition, iPads provided by another NPEF Grant, were used during the recent ABC News7 Report about New Providence High School's ranking as the top high school in New Jersey.