The New Providence School District has recently revised our K-6 Gifted and Talented program. The revision reflects the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, our district’s new STEM initiative, and our students’ current academic needs.  We are writing to inform you of those changes that will begin with the 2017 – 2018 school year.  Below is the program description and outline. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your building Principal.

    Enrichment education is an integral part of the New Providence School District’s curricular program, including services for students identified as “gifted and talented” and for all students as an extension of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, grades K-6.  Enrichment education is an opportunity for students to expand their intellectual and creative capacities at an appropriate level commensurate with students’ educational and social development and their specific abilities, talents, and interests.  The New Providence School District’s K – 6 Gifted and Talented Program is committed to identifying students who exhibit characteristics of general intellectual ability and to meet their special learning needs. Our responsibility to provide an excellent education for these children requires developing their special abilities and talents as well as addressing their social and emotional needs.  In addition, the program is committed to stimulating educational opportunities which encourage each child to strive for excellence and fulfill her/his potential. The New Providence School District Gifted and Talented Services are centered on a three-tiered approach to afford flexibility to meet the varying needs, abilities and interests of students.


    Program Description 
    The New Providence School District Gifted and Talented Services are centered on a three-tiered approach to afford flexibility to meet the varying needs, abilities and interests of students.

    The services include:
    Tier 1: Enrichment within the Regular Classroom Setting (K – 6)

    • Differentiation - To differentiate instruction is to recognize students’ varying background knowledge, readiness, language, styles in learning, and interests; and to react responsively. Differentiated instruction is a strategy for teaching learners of differing abilities in the same classroom. Within the regular classroom, teachers will differentiate the process, product, content, and learning environment.
      • Differentiation includes- leveled and tiered curriculum materials, tiered assignments, interdisciplinary and independent project work, interest and learning centers, and flexible skills grouping.
    • STEM Investigations – All students will be immersed in educational experiences that focus on real-world issues and problems, incorporate the engineering design process, and provide for hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration. 

    Tier 2: Enrichment beyond the Regular Classroom

    • Enrichment Events (K – 6) / Clubs (Grs. 3 – 6) - Experiences for all children to be enriched through events related to the curricular or extracurricular activities.  Examples include: afterschool clubs, PTA sponsored events, leadership opportunities, visual and performing arts, and community service opportunities.
    • Pull-Out program (Grs. 4 – 6) - Opportunities for identified students in a particular aptitude to participate in small group theme-based activities and projects. Based on student strengths, they will be invited to participate in one or more mods of small group activities. The program will be broken into thematic cycles, with each cycle having an emphasis on 21st Century and Technology Standards.

    Criteria for the Gifted and Talented Pull-out Program are as follows:

    • New Jersey Department of Education Tests: PARCC Total ELA (780 or higher) and  Total Math (780 or higher). These tests are administered in 3rd, 4th, and 5th
    • Cognitive Abilities Test (130 or higher). This test is administered in 3rd and 5th
    • Additional screening /assessment tools i.e. TC assessment, report card grades, end of the year math assessment. 

    Tier 3: Acceleration above Grade Level – Mathematics only (Gr. 4 Pilot)
    Initial Criteria to be considered for the for the Gifted and Talented Accelerated program in Mathematics are as follows:

    • Cognitive Abilities Test (140 or higher).
    • PARCC score in Math 840 or higher.
    • Mathematics grade of “A” (Grade 4)

    Once initial criteria is met, a parent meeting will be held with the GT teacher, classroom teacher, and building administrator to discuss the possibility of acceleration and additional screening.
    Additional Screening Instrument:  Iowa Acceleration Scale.

    Mrs. Gina Hansen, Principal                                     Mrs. Jean Drexinger, Principal                     
    Allen W. Roberts Elementary School                         Salt Brook Elementary School




Last Modified on August 31, 2017