• Salt Brook Welcomes New Staff and Students

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    Teachers and students alike were excited to open the new school year at Salt Brook. 
    Kindergartners took their first tentative steps into a new world of learning, fourth graders tried to figure out their locker combinations, and sixth graders began their last year before the challenges of Middle School.  This year, Salt Brook also welcomed several new teachers, including Barbara Denike in Kindergarten and Special Education, Danielle DeBue in 1st grade, Kristin Marino and Amy Dierks-Kautzmann in second grade, Christine Murphy in 5th grade, and Pamela Crockett and Michelle Hoogerhyde in Vocal Music and Art respectively.  In addition, Rebecca Crawford (1st) and Mary Ellen Raiti (3rd) returned to Salt Brook in new grade levels.  All of the staff have been working hard over the summer to update the curriculum, refine their lessons, and prepare their classrooms for what should be a challenging and fun year.

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Last Modified on September 20, 2012