f balloonCharacter Education

    "Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education"
        ~Martin Luther King Jr.
    Our Belief 
    Character education does not fit in just one curriculum area.  It is across the board.  It is the responsibility of everyone in the school building; the instructional staff, custodians, office staff, cafeteria workers, principals, as well as the parents and students.  All of us are role models for the students.  Together, we need to both model good character and affirm it when we see students displaying positive behavior.
    Core Lessons
    Salt Brook School begins each school year with teaching these core lessons to all students.  This builds a common language among students and creates a climate of respect in the building.
    • Building Relationships
    • Bullying Vs. Normal Conflict
    • Recognizing the Roles People Play
    • Upstander Strategies
    • Responsible Reporting
    • Assessment and Action
    Schoolwide Theme
    After teaching the core lessons each September, a school wide theme is kicked off with a great celebration!  This theme helps the students reinforce the core lessons they learned throughout the year.  Each theme focuses on kindness and the effects of being kind to others and their community.  There are no prizes or awards associated with doing the right thing at Salt Brook School.  We teach the students that we do kind acts for others not because we are going to receive a prize or reward, but rather "because it's the right thing to do."
    This years theme:RISE UP!
Last Modified on October 27, 2021